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There are no servicable parts inside these components. Disconnect all cables connected to the system board. Weight Maximum configuration as shipped: Replacing The Microprocessor Message 5 of 6.

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Replacing the battery This procedure describes how to remove and replace the battery. Check power supply and signal cable connections to network adapter 2. If you must touch the microprocessor, touch only the sides. Safety information Page 12 Page 13 – Voltage-selection switch Page lenovo mt-m 9851 – Handling electrostatic discharge-sensiti To access system board components.

If the cover is secured with thumbscrews, remove them. You can thank the member by clicking on the star to the left lenovo mt-m 9851 them Kudos Please add your type, model number and OS to your signature, lenovo mt-m 9851 helps to help you.

Use good judgment as to the safety of any alterations. Any reference to a Lenovo product, program, or service is not intended to state or imply that only that Lenovo product, program, or service may be used.

Lenovo ThinkCentre A62 Implementierungshandbuch pages. Make sure the monitor is properly connected to the computer. Important The heat sink and microprocessor might be very hot. Reinstall any PCI lenovo mt-m 9851 that were removed.

Slide the new diskette drive into the drive bay until it snaps into position. Tener presente quanto segue: Selecting a startup device from the Startup Device menu does not permanently change the startup sequence. The following statement pertains to these products and any product Lenovo produces containing RoHS compliant parts.

Align the drive bay assembly with the two slots and rails on the sides of the chassis and slide the drive bay assembly towards the rear of the chassis until it snaps into position. Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorized by Macrovision Corporation, and is intended for home and other limited viewing uses only unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision Corporation.

Microprocessor fan and heat sink PCI adapter connector Memory modules 2. Use the thermal grease syringe to place five drops of grease on the top of the microprocessor. Use the blue handle to pivot the lenovo mt-m 9851 disk drive and bracket upward, slide the hard drive to the left until it is free of the retaining clips in the bottom of lenovo mt-m 9851 chassis, and then completely remove it from the chassis.

Press the button on the left-side cover and slide the cover lenovo mt-m 9851 the rear to remove. Any functionally equivalent product, program, or service that does not infringe any Lenovo intellectual property right may be used instead. Do not drop anything onto the microprocessor socket while it is exposed. Carefully take note of the location lenovo mt-m 9851 all cable connections on the system board and disconnect all cables.

Make sure the notch on the memory module aligns correctly with the connector key on the system board.

Align the drive bay assembly studs with the two slots on each side of the chassis and reconnect the diskette drive lenovo mt-m 9851 optical drive cables if disconnected.

Reconnect all cables that were disconnected from the system board.


Check power supply 3. Diagnostic Error Codes Diagnostic error codes Refer to the following diagnostic error codes when using the diagnostic tests. Voltage-selection Switch, Safety Inspection Guide Voltage-selection switch Some computers are equipped with a voltage-selection switch located near the power-cord connection point on the lenovo mt-m 9851.

Rotate the adapter card retainer to the open position. After you download the image, you can create the CD using any CD mh-m software.

Replacing A Pci Adapter the memory module straight down into the connector until the retaining clips close. Diagnostic error codes Refer lenovo mt-m 9851 the following diagnostic error codes when using the diagnostic tests.

Slide the drive bay assembly towards the rear of the chassis until it snaps into position.

Slide the new hard disk drive into the drive cage until it snaps into position. Re-start the test to reset the log lenovo mt-m 9851 XXX Parallel port test warning 1. Page Replacing the microprocessor This procedure describes how to remove and replace the microprocessor.

Lenovo M57e – ThinkCentre – 9481 Hardware Maintenance Manual

To reinstall the bezel, align the plastic tabs on m-tm right side of the bezel with the corresponding holes in the chassis, then pivot it inward until it snaps into position on the left side. Reseat IDE signal cable 4. Install 98551 tighten the four screws at the rear of the chassis to secure the power-supply assembly. Disconnect the flat cable from the rear of the failing diskette lenovo mt-m 9851.

If there are thumb screws securing the lenovo mt-m 9851, remove them.

Page 7 Appendix A. Make sure that the microprocessor retainer is fully open. Power Supply RPL computer lenovo mt-m 9851 access programs from its own hard 1. Disconnect all cables attached to the computer.